Connect scaffold parts for custom structures in Burnley

A key part of any construction project is high quality scaffolding. At CWR Scaffolds, we provide an extensive range of scaffold parts, including tubes and fittings, to help you take control over the design of your scaffolding. Available across Burnley, Lancashire and the North West England region, our scaffold parts are sturdy, reliable and engineered to allow for versatility.

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Premium tubes and fittings

Tubes and fittings are versatile scaffold parts providing you with flexibility and freedom. Vertical tubes are connected to horizontal tubes with right angle clamps, allowing you to create scaffolding that suits your project. Diagonal tubes are periodically connected using swivel clamps to stabilize and strengthen your scaffolding structure. What results is unlimited versatility; simply place scaffold parts where you need them to bring your structure to life. Chat with our Burnley professionals for expert advice on our tubes and fittings.


Simple to construct and reliable, Kwikstage is the scaffolding of choice for construction professionals.

Tube and fittings

For flexibility and versatility, our tubes, fittings and scaffold parts let you create your own designs.


Construct sturdy and reliable scaffolding with our range of quality scaffold boards.

Stair towers

Access hard to reach areas with our range of stair towers designed for maximum safety and sturdiness.

Access Ladders

Our range of access ladders helps you reach restricted or obstructed areas safely and with ease.

Temp Roofs

Protect your site against weather and damage with a custom temporary roof.

Scaffold towers

Working at heights? Our extensive range of scaffold towers help you work smarter, safer and more efficient

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