Quality scaffolding for construction companies in Burnley, Lancashire 

Complete small to complex multi storey construction projects with help from CWR Scaffolds in Burnley. Our professionals provide construction companies with innovative and tailored scaffolding systems according to individual project requirements. With over 35 years of experience, plus accreditations with health and safety bodies, we deliver reliable scaffolding systems to support your construction process. Find out more about scaffolding for construction companies in Burnley, Lancashire and wider North West England; contact CWR Scaffolds today.

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Other Industries


We provide high quality scaffolding for defence clients in order to support projects of all sizes.


Our scaffolding can be customised to suit the needs of heritage buildings and sites.

Rail & Highways

Secure rail and highway projects with sturdy and reliable scaffolding.


Ideal for utility applications, our scaffolding supports new projects and existing works.


From simple builds to multi storey projects, our construction scaffolding helps you build faster and better.


We deliver quality scaffolding to support industrial projects of all sizes.

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